Hippie Castle EP Playlist - Magic City Hippies

Today I've got a fantastic little treat for you. The Magic City Hippies, formally known as The Robby Hunter Band have released their latest EP. This is coming from the Miami based Indie group that brought you hits like "Fire", "Corazon", "Hard On Me", "Que Paso" and many more. While the wait to hear their newest tunes may have been long, this EP certainly more than makes up for it. I'm convinced these guys don't know how to make bad music. Check it out above & download via Bandcamp here or iTunes here.


Professional Rapper - Lil Dicky Ft. Snoop Dogg

Lil Dicky has come a long way since he first started making comedy rap. His official debut album is now available on iTunes here. I recommend this to anyone who's a fan of comedy rap or rap in general. "Professional Rapper" is the single off this album. It features the legendary Snoop Dogg & once you give it a listen you'll see why this rapper is blowing up. Check out this official music video above.

Jimmy Jett - James Jett

Not much is known about the artist James Jett but the single on his soundcloud is pretty impressive. Here's hoping he'll make more music in the future. Check out "Jimmy Jett" above.

Chillwave - Veeron

Today we've got a relaxing chill tune from French producer, Veeron. This is the very first of his songs so check it out above. For more info & other tracks from this new artist check out the soundcloud page here.


No Words (KASBO Remix) - Erik Hassle

Got a great remix of  "No Words" by Erik Hassle sent to me. Figured I'd share it with you guys. Check it out & we'll look out for the download link.

Subtract - Restart

Here's a dope Electronic Trap song by Restart. This banger single pretty much speaks for itself. Check out for yourself & download via iTunes here.


Beat Of My Drum - POWERS

Here's a catchy little single I discovered a few months ago. It's currently available on iTunes here. Check it out for yourself & rate/share.